Typhoon Odette – Collection of Donations for Siargao (Message from LG (Ret’d) William Hotchkiss)

In the spirit of the ASEAN community and military camaraderie, the Pinnacle Club Secretariat is happy to facilitate direct requests from its members to assist in donation drives for disaster relief efforts in our region. We will help to publicize and reach out to members of the other Pinnacle Club Chapters and friends to generate awareness and provide the necessary information on the disaster relief efforts, including the Sponsoring Chapter’s preferred methods of expeditious fund transfers. The Secretariat will work to provide coverage of the relevant relief efforts as well as the lessons learn by the Sponsoring Chapter at the relevant points.

On 24 Dec 2021, at the request of the Chairman of the Philippines Chapter of the Pinnacle Club, Lt Gen (Ret’d) William Hotchkiss, we promptly uploaded on our website, his message of appeal for donations for the relief efforts of victims of Typhoon Odette. We noted the gravity of the situation and the urgency to act. Accordingly, we have also made a contribution to help kick-start this donation drive at the Pinnacle Club. Your assistance will be much appreciated and we would like to record a note of thanks in advance.

24 December 2021

Chairmen and Members of Pinnacle ASEAN


I hope this message finds you well.

I write to knock on the generous hearts of Pinnacle ASEAN Members to share a little of your treasures for the victims of Typhoon Odette which battered many regions in the Southern Philippines. My home province of Surigao where I currently stay was badly hit, but more devastatingly is the island province of Siargao, our country’s surfing capital where Cantilan Bank of which I am Chairman of the Board has four (4) banking offices.

Up to now, the basics of lighting and water are still absent and there are estimates that it may take several months before these are fully restored. 

Pinnacle PH founding members has already started a campaign to raise funds to help in bringing essential needs to affected people soonest.

My intent is to expeditiously attend to the unavailability of electricity and community lights with solar street lamps and rainwater catchment with filtration systems to produce potable water to preempt outbreak of epidemics like diarrhea and cholera.

I am appreciatively anticipating your kind consideration on this appeal for humanitarian assistance. 

With sincere thanks.


William K. Hotchkiss III

Chairman, Pinnacle Philippines

*Donations are requested to be thru Bank Transfer, details as follows::

1) Account name- Cantilan Bank, Inc.

2) Commercial Bank Accounts;

    a. Metrobank: 105-310550646-6

    b. BDO (Banco de ORO) – 3380-03179-2

    c. BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands – 9381-0045-78

    d. PNB.( Philippine National Bank – 674 810637-3

    e. Land Bank of the Philippines- 0792-0106-95

    f. UCPB (United Coconut Planters Bank) -404-110922-0

Gen Hotchkiss further requests to take screenshot or photo confirmation of the transaction and email to treasury@cantilanbank.com with information that it is ‘for the account of Cantilan Bank Foundation’.