Member’s Contribution

Launch of The Pinnacle Club of Asean (2014)

Call on His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei (2014)

SG Air Show (2014)

SG Air Show (2016)

Zhuhai Air Show (2016)

Bangkok Event (2017)

Manila Event (2022)

Its nice to finally see the old friends getting together after 2 years.
Philippines Pinnacle Club Chapter – LG (Ret’d) William K. Hotchkiss III (host), VADM (Ret’d) Eduardo Santos, GEN (Ret’d) Alexander Yano, GEN (Ret’d) Eduardo Oban, GEN (Ret’d) Emmanuel Bautista, GEN (Ret’d) Hernando Ireberri and BG (Ret’d) Rodante Joya.  MG (Ret’d) Goh Yong Siang, COL (Ret’d) Goh Kong Yong and Mr Joel Tang from the Pinnacle Club Secretariat were present at the dinner.

MG (Ret’d) Goh Yong Siang presenting gift to GEN (Ret’d) Hernando Ireberri on behalf of Singapore’s Secretariat.