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The Pinnacle Club of ASEAN

Established in early 2014, the Pinnacle Club of ASEAN (“Pinnacle Club”) is a club of retired military and security chiefs in the region who meet regularly on a social basis to maintain the friendship and camaraderie that has been built up over the decades. Apart from providing a social setting for old friends to meet, the Pinnacle Club also provides an alternative channel of communication for informal diplomacy..

The Club is led by its Patrons, which comprises one representative from each founding member of ASEAN, and Brunei Darussalam. Other members include retired defence chiefs and other influential officials related to the defence and security of the region. The current founding Patrons of the club are GEN (Ret’d) Pehin Mohammad Hj Daud (Brunei), GEN (Ret’d) Try Sutrisno (Indonesia), GEN (Ret’d) Hashim Mohd Ali (Malaysia), GEN (Ret’d) Fidel Ramos (the Philippines), GEN Winston Choo (Singapore) and GEN (Ret’d) Chavalit Yongchaiyudh (Thailand).

Our Privileges

Welcome to The Pinnacle Club of Asean. As a member of this esteemed gathering of military elite, we are glad to extend the following privileges to you:

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Our Objectives

The objectives of the Pinnacle Club are:

  1. To promote unity under the common desire to live under a region of lasting peace, security and stability, in accordance with the 1967 ASEAN Declaration.
  2. To promote social contact, camaraderie and continued communication channels among retired defence and security chiefs, retired defence service chiefs, police inspector-generals and police commissioners in ASEAN.
  3. To promote the collective interests of Members as defined by the Constitution.

The Pinnacle Club’s current membership provides younger defence and security officers an informal exchange of ideas, wisdom and mentorship opportunities with experienced military elite through selected events of the Pinnacle Club. Nominated by Founding Patrons from their respective countries, members can look forward to participating in meetings like calls on heads of state or closed-door informal discussions with government and industry leaders.

Featured Events

Pinnacle Club of ASEAN (Pinnacle Club) has again held its annual meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam, August 16-19, 2023

The Pinnacle Club annual meeting is an annual meeting of club members, which had been postponed for about three years due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The last Pinnacle Club of ASEAN annual meeting was conducted in 2018 in Manila, which was honored by the members having the opportunity to be received by President of the […]

The Pinnacle Club welcomes new members from Cambodia
Phnom Penh

The secretariat of the Pinnacle Club was pleased to meet with H.E. Chan Chea again in Phnom Penh to formally welcome Cambodian Generals: Gen (Ret’d) Chan Sarath, Gen (Ret’d) Rottanak Seng, Gen Khim Dara and Gen Meas Pov. The meeting facilitated discussions and exchanges of ideas on the Club’s possible future plans and events. This […]

The Annual Pinnacle Club welcome new members from Vietnam

Under the invitation of Col. Gen. Nguyen Huy Hieu, the Pinnacle Club is pleased to welcome Maj. Gen. (Ret’d) Nguyen Sinh Xo and Maj. Gen. (Ret’d) Nguyễn Hữu Mạnh as members of the Pinnacle Club. The secretariat of the Pinnacle Club was also honoured to meet with H.E. Chan Chea, Secretary of State, Advisor to […]

Official launch of the Pinnacle Club Philippine Chapter
Quezon City

Led by LGen (Ret’d) Hotchkiss, the Pinnacle Club Philippine Chapter organised an event on 24 Jul 19 to celebrate the official launch of the Pinnacle Club Philippine Chapter held at the AFP Commissioned Officers’ Club (AFPCOC), Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City. The aim of the event was for the Pinnacle Club Philippine Chapter to […]

The Secretariat of the Pinnacle Club of ASEAN welcomes the Vietnamese Chapter of Pinnacle Club

On 23 May 19, the Secretariat of the Pinnacle Club of ASEAN met with Colonel General Nguyen Huy Hieu (Deputy Minister of Defense, Vietnam), Lieutenant General Nguyen Dinh Chien (Former Director, National Defence Strategy Institute, Vietnam) and Major General Nguyen Sinh Xo (Director, Department for Prevention and Combat of Crime, Vietnam) inHanoi. Colonel General Nguyen […]

The secretariat of the Pinnacle Club of ASEAN welcomes the Philippines Chapter of Pinnacle Club’s visit to Singapore

The secretariat of the Pinnacle Club of ASEAN was delighted to welcome the Philippines Chapter of Pinnacle Club, Gen (Ret’d) Eduardo SL Oban Jr, Gen (Ret’d) Emmanuel T Bautista, Gen (Ret’d) Hernando DCA Irriberi, VAdm (Ret’d) Alexander P Pama and MGen Restituto Padilla, to Singapore from 09 – 12 November 2018. The visit included a […]

The Pinnacle Club of ASEAN welcome new members from Myanmar

On 08 May 2018, the secretariat of The Pinnacle Club of ASEAN welcome 4 new members from Myanmar: VAdm (Ret’d) Soe Thane, Adm (Ret’d) Nyan Tun, Adm (Ret’d) Thura Thet Swe and Gen (Ret’d) Khin Aung Myint. To formally inaugurate the formation of the Pinnacle Club Myanmar Chapter, the secretariat will work towards conducting an […]

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