Pinnacle Club Secretariat Reaching Out to Lao Military Counterparts (December 2022 and March 2023)

The Pinnacle Club Secretariat on 29 December 2022 hosted a visit by Sengkeo Pouangpadith, Ambassador of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic to Singapore, to Stratagem Group office (where Pinnacle Club Secretariat is located). During the visit, Ambassador Sengkeo Pouangpadith was briefed on the objectives, activities and management of the Pinnacle Club, as well as Stratagem Group’s role in providing the secretariat functions to the Pinnacle Club. The Pinnacle Club Secretariat also discussed plan with the Ambassador to welcome the Lao People’s Armed Forces to form the final chapter of the Pinnacle Club, joining the rest of the ASEAN’s armed forces.

To follow up on the first round of discussion, MG (Ret’d) Goh Yong Siang and other members of Pinnacle Club Secretariat hosted Ambassador Sengkeo Pouangpadith to a lunch on 27 March 2023. At the lunch, the Pinnacle Club Secretariat noted efforts by Ambassador Sengkeo Pouangpadith in facilitating the establishment of contact between the Lao People’s Armed Forces and the Pinnacle Club.  

The Pinnacle Club Secretariat looks forward to making a visit to Vientiane in the first half of 2023 to launch the Lao Chapter of the Pinnacle Club.