Foreword 前言

From our work of connecting with friends and associates in ASEAN and beyond, we have gained invaluable insights on differing views and perceptions on current affairs and topical matters, even as the goals of peace and prosperity are almost always identical for everyone.

We therefore thought it useful to launch the Stratagem Insights, as a channel to share your thoughts so as to promote the understanding of different points of views. If this serves to bridge any gaps in neighbourly and regional relations, then we would have done our small bit
of making friends as an end in itself.

Stratagem Insights hopes to cover geopolitical, economic, social, technological and environmental developments across the region. At the heart of this platform’s interest would be ASEAN collaboration; ASEAN in a post Covid-19 world; the Belt and Road Initiative; ESG developments; regional security-defence cooperation and the South China Sea challenges.

We are very privileged to interest Mr Zainul Abidin to steer the editorial board. Mr Abidin has an illustrious background in journalism, international diplomacy as well as political leadership in the Singapore government. I am sure you will see the hands of experience, balance and wisdom in Stratagem Insights articles, from his guidance.

We hope to regularly receive and publish 1000 to 2000-word articles that would be circulated to Stratagem Group’s clients and stakeholders. We welcome the opportunity to also hear from you on how we can enhance the usefulness of this platform.

We look forward to your support, and your friendship, as always.





我们非常荣幸地邀请到再诺先生(Zainul Abidin)来为我们的编辑委员会提供宝贵的指导。再诺先生阅历丰富,在新闻界、国际外交以及新加坡内政等领域均有深厚的沉淀。我相信在他的指引下,《思睿·洞见》这一系列的文章将会是平衡公允、充满智性见解的,希望读者们亦能受到启发,从中获益。

Goh Yong Siang 吴荣祥
Chairman, Stratagem Group Pte Ltd 思睿集团私人有限公司董事长