1ST SSD ON 31 MAR 2016

Inaugural SMU-Stratagem Group Sino-Singapore Dialogue 

The Inaugural SMU-Stratagem Group Sino-Singapore Dialogue which took place on 31 March 2016, foster debate on China’s bilateral relations with Singapore, the SoutheastAsia region, and China’s impact on the world stage.

The line-up of speakers and their presentation topics is as follows:

1) Hu Zhengyue (former Commissioner of the Commissioner’s Office of MFA in Macau SAR)

Keynote Address

2) Xie Sen Shu (Co-Founder and Director of China Raise Summit Club)

Keynote Address

3) Zhang Qi (Co-Founder and Executive President of China Development Research Institute)

Keynote Address

The panel discussion was moderated by Mr James T.H. Tang (Dean and Professor of Political Science, School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University)