Business Intelligence

Stratagem Group provides clients with a full range of proprietary business intelligence services that empowers them to move forward with confidence. Our products support clients through the entire deal cycle including providing localized business intelligence, ESG risk assessments and due diligence reports. Our investigative expertise protects your reputation and business operations, ensuring long term sustainability and profitability.  

Geopolitical and Policy Risk Analysis

We work with our clients to identify relevant geopolitical and policy risks that would impact their bottom lines. Leveraging on our networks, we are able to provide fresh insights and formulate comprehensive solutions to mitigate the identified risks.

ESG Risk Assessments

In the increasingly complex business environment, we provide holistic ESG risk assessments to better prepare our clients to overcome such challenges. Each project is uniquely curated to meet the client’s specific needs because of the importance of localized data and context.

Due Diligence Services

We tap on our knowledge databases to deliver tailored due diligence services which allow our clients to verify the identity of companies and individuals, validate shareholders, and establish ultimate beneficial ownership

Market Entry

We assess the competitive landscape, industry competitors, identity and strengths of potential partners, as well as the political, economic, regulatory and operational risks. It encompasses understanding the client’s competitive, industry and regulatory landscape, identifying and reviewing prospective partners and managing geopolitical and business operation risks.