Stratagem Insights

Foreword 前言

From our work of connecting with friends and associates in ASEAN and beyond, we have gained invaluable insights on differing views and perceptions on current affairs and topical matters, even as the goals of peace and prosperity are almost always identical for everyone. We therefore thought it useful to launch the Stratagem Insights, as a […]

Stratagem Insights

Stratagem Insights… a reset, more than just hope

Stratagem Insights… a reset, more than just hope, a beginning with lots of hard work and renewed partnership. 20 20 is often understood as promising a clear vision and sight. Unfortunately, the year 2020 is rather murky. Still, I am not one that easily lose faith and hope. Amidst the gloom, if not the doom, […]

Stratagem Insights

一次重启 – 不仅仅是希望,更是一个艰苦奋斗和重建伙伴关系的开始

在眼科学中, “20/20”通常是指清晰、完美的视力。然而,2020年这一年是极不平凡的一年,伴随着许多阴云,但我相信未来依旧是充满希望和光明的。